Under My Umbrella


Riddle Me This:

I start many love stories and witness the emotions too,

I can be used in the summers and in the rains too,

I will need me when I wet and you like me when I am dry,

Can you scratch your brains and tell who am I?

Well, if you are thinking too much, then let me spill the beans and tell you that the answer is ‘an umbrella’.

If your attire defines your personality, then your accessories enhance your style. And, some people like me are as meticulous about what we wear as what we carry. When it comes to umbrellas for the summer or the rainy season, we get choosy.

It’s not that we keep a huge repository of umbrellas or decide which one goes with what. Generally, we have that one or two, which are more precious than any other accessory. But, yes we definitely admire and adore different types of umbrellas and can make a style statement out of it.

The funniest things about an umbrella is that we do not buy a new one unless the old one id broken, lost or damaged, but when we do, we are in a dilemma, which one to go for.

As a matter of fact, neither old days grandfather umbrellas are out of fashion, nor they have lost their utility. Even, pocket sized compact ones are also in vogue. Probably, the thing that has changed is the look and pattern of umbrellas. Now, they are more trendy, colourful, quirky, and can even be made to match your attire. A wide range of options is available now, including the shape and size.

From the durability POV, the grandfather umbrellas are the best, but when it comes to flexibility and portability, the pocket sized ones come in. However, these small, cute ones may not last long. But, they are easy to carry in your bag, whereas big ones are difficult to carry. The same thing goes for drying them up.



Now, there are customized ones for kids or real fancy and colourful ones.



 Japanese umbrellas are mostly used as props and they don’t have much of real life utility. But, they are simply beautiful.


Bubble umbrellas are also trending these days due to their unique shape so that you don’t get wet at all even due to the dripping droplets.


Umbrellas in different shapes like triangular, etc. are also in  fashion. However, much has not been said about their real utility.



When it comes to fabric and designs, there is a huge variety that is available in the market. From stripes to polka dot, from single colours to print patterns, you will probably nver run out of choice.

In the end, grandfather umbrellas still hold the popular choice position, along with the pocket sized ones because both of them have their own pros and cons.

If you are planning for some umbrella shopping for the upcoming rainy season, don’t forget to post a picture for us too. And, remember though the fancy ones look attractive, it is better to go for the branded ones because you don’t want to get wet with a broken umbrella in hand.

What is your choice of umbrella? Let us know in comments or write to us at youniquemag@gmail.com